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Ajax Training

Ajax Training and Course Syllabus and Description

What is Ajax ?

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a group of connected technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XML, XML Http Request etc.

AJAX is considered to be a Fast Technology. With AJAX one can send and receive data asynchronously without reloading the web page. Because of this features it makes web pages faster, smoother and more interactive.

Ajax Course Description:

Ajax is one of the technologies which is covered under the Training & Course of Web Development at CodeShip Pune. While learning Ajax students get to work on live web application and ajax to it.

Ajax Course & Training Syllabus:

  • Lecture: 01
  • Lecture: 02
    Achievements with Ajax
  • Lecture: 03
    Why is Ajax
  • Lecture: 04
    jQuery vs Ajax
  • Lecture: 01
    Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication
  • Lecture: 02
    Ajax based web applications architecture
  • Lecture: 01
    Properties of Ajax engine
  • Lecture: 02
    readyState, onreadystatechange
  • Lecture: 03
  • Lecture: 04
    responseText, responsseXML
  • Lecture: 01
  • Lecture: 02
  • Lecture: 03
  • Lecture: 04
    Application flow
Course Features
  • Practical Oriented
  • Placement Support
  • Notes and Study Material is available
  • Soft Skills Training

Additional Information

  • Duration:3 Months
  • Certification:Yes
  • Projects:5 Mini 1 Major
  • Batch Strength:8 to 10 Students per bath
  • Languages:Marathi, Hindi, English