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Software Testing Training

Software Testing Course

Codeship Technologies is the leading institute in Pune that provides a Software Testing Course . Our software testing course is designed to meet the quality requirements of modern software applications and suites. Software testing is a legacy field that has evolved in terms of substance and techniques over the years. The frontline application software is not simple, but it must communicate with other devices and platforms, including dynamic databases. As a result, robust and multidimensional software testing is required to ensure smooth operation and, as a result, end-user satisfaction.

At Codeship Technologies,Software Training is delivered in a classroom setting, which improves candidates' practical learning capacity. We have worked hard to keep the quality of our course and curriculum consistent so that it meets the expanding scope and professional requirements without gaps. Every module is meticulously designed and is constantly revised to incorporate new software testing techniques. It ensures the development of frontline skills in participants, making them eligible for the best job listings in India and around the world.

The classes are taught by an expert with extensive experience in software design and testing. They also respond to learners' queries and questions in order to ensure clarity on concepts and better insights into software testing knowledge.

What Is Software Testing ?

Software Testing is the process of analyzing and checking accuracy of the software or application before it is launched. Software testing is an ongoing process while and after the application or software is developed. It is a vital part of SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle. The end to end process of software testing in called STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle it includes two types of testing Manual and Automation. Software Tester an important role in the launch. Without Testing a particular software companies do not prefer to launch it. Therefore, the demand for software testers have grown rapidly in recent times.

Why Software Testing is Important ?

We all very much familiar with the saying that Time is money and in the process of software development time is really important factor. Efforts of a software developer will go in vein if the software crashes after its launch or the data gets stolen. It will not just cost a company money but will also cost valuable time. To prevent this situation, it is really important to test a software of application while it is being developed as it will help company save money, time and the most importantly data of its consumers. In Software Testing process Testers not just check the software is working or not but they also make sure that it is secure.

What are different types of Software Testing? There are many types of software testing each has specific objective and importance in application testing process. We have the Best Software Testing Course in Pune where we mainly cover practical as well as theory classes. And we cover below varies types of Software Testing in the Course.
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Software Testing Classes

    Codeship Technologies provides one of the Best Software Testing Courses available, as well as 100% job assistance. This programme is offered to students for three months and ensures that they are employable upon completion of the course. Our software testing training course covers the fundamentals to advanced levels of software testing, as well as automation testing tools such as Selenium. Software testing, as a highly sought-after job in the IT industry, has numerous opportunities in the market, and our dedicated placement cell ensures that candidates receive an adequate number of calls and are employable.

    Software testing should be organized with money, time, and performance in mind to achieve the best results. There is unquestionably no dearth of foundations offering Software Testing Training Institute in Pune, however Codeship Technologies guarantees its students' internal advancement in this field, and Codeship Technologies also provides placement after the Software Testing Course.

    Software Testing Certification Training

    After successfully completing the Software Training Course, the trainee will receive a certificate from Codeship Technologies as proof of the knowledge, skills, and strategies mastered in the software testing programme. The provided attestation will provide the trainee with professional recognition of their knowledge and skills. Furthermore, including this certification on your resume will vastly improve your employability prospects.

    Codeship's Software Testing Course in Pune is well-known for its rigorous and comprehensive training in cutting-edge technology, strategies, and techniques. Keeping up with advanced technology and modifying strategies will improve the calibre and natural talent of our trainees. Furthermore, the ability to properly test the software product will ensure its credibility, as well as the result of high performance, which eventually leads to cost effectiveness, time savings, and customer satisfaction.

    Most prestigious organisations and companies regard software training certification as an important criterion in the hiring process. Obtaining software testing training certification from Codeship Technologies in Pune will increase your market value and help you stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, having this certification will broaden your professional profile and open up new job opportunities all over the world.

    Job Opportunities after Software Testing Course in Pune

    There no Industry which is not leveraging IT to improve and simplify its business processes. Software Development Industry have immense potential and with so many requirements, well trained teams of software developers are much needed, however software cannot be launched just after development it must go through testing processes, thus demand or requirement of a Software Testing in inevitable.

    Fresher with good testing skills and techniques can land a jobs paying average 2 LPT to 4 LPA. Once you are trained software tester you will be approached by many companies an it a vital process of SDLC which cannot be compromised.

    What is the procedure of Software Testing ?

    Software Testing is a type of activity in which Testers run the application at every phase of SDLC and check if the software is giving desired output. There are two categories of Software Testing 1. Manual Testing and Automation Testing.

    What is Manuel Testing ?

    Now you might be wondering What is Manuel Testing ?. Well Manuel Testing is a part of Software Testing where the Tester has to Test Or Check the software or application manually using written test plans. If Manuel Tester finds error while doing this type of testing then they have to make notes of those errors and then deliver it to the development team for changes or accuracy.

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    What is Automation Testing ?

    Now that you are aware of what Manuel Testing is, Let’s see what is Automation Testing ? Automation Testing is category of Software Testing where the Tester check and test software or application with help of automated tools such as Selenium, Appium and many more. This type of testing is pretty favorable to software companies at it reduces cost and also its very time saving and the accuracy can be firm.

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    Why CodeShip Training Institute is the Best option for Software Testing Classes?

    CodeShip has the best Software Testing Course and Training program in Pune . We believe in delivering quality and practical training to our students. Even if, one is from non-IT industry can enroll for Software Testing program at CodeShip as we teach any technology from the scratch. Our faculties are industry professional having extensive experience and possess great domain knowledge train students on how to work on real time application. After completion of the course we provide placements support to our students till the time they get placed. Because of this we have are top ranked training institute in Pune for Software Testing.

    • Students will be trained by Industry Expert Software Testers.
    • Our main focus in on Practical Training than theory.
    • Note and Study material will be provided on timely manner Growth Mapping programs will be conducted.
    • The Software Testing Course is more focused on Students satisfaction and Practical classes.
    • FREE Soft Skills and Interview preparations training will be given during the course.
    • 100% placement support is provided after completion of Software Testing Courses.

    All this elements of the course are mainly focused on student’s satisfaction and it is extremely important to us that our students are professionally trained and satisfied, therefore CodeShip Training Institute is the best in Pune for Software Testing Classes.


    Students coming from any educational Background can opt for Software Testing Course and Became a skilled Software Tester, therefore by completing this course you can be a job ready Software Tester.

    In manual testing (as the name suggests), test cases are executed manually (by a human) without any support from tools or scripts. But with automated testing, test cases are executed with the assistance of tools, scripts, and software.

    We have weekdays and weekend batches available. During weekday we conduct 2 hours of batch Monday to Friday and during Weekend we conduct 3 Hours of Batch Saturday and Sunday. Timing of classes are pretty much flexible Between 10 to 5.

    Yes Indeed. With the growth of digitalization and IT Industry the demand for software testing in day by day increasing, thus is one of the best career option.

    Salary is completely depending upon the skill set you possess, however the general salary for a Fresher Tester is Between 200000 and 400000 LPA. For an experienced candidate there is no bar for salary.

    Yes, once you gain some industry experience you can work as a freelancer software tester with full freedom. There are many site available on the web where freelancer projects are provided during the course we help you understand this process thoroughly.

    Course Features
    • Practical Oriented
    • Placement Support
    • Notes and Study Material is available
    • Soft Skills Training