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jQuery Training

jQuery Course and Training | CodeShip Training Institute

What is jQuery ?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language being used for both on the client side and server side, it allows you to make web pages interactive.

On the other hand, jQuery is not a programming language. It’s a lightweight library of JavaScript fast and concise in nature. The main purpose of jQuery is to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal, manipulation, event handling, CSS animation and Ajax.

jQuery makes use of JavaScript uncomplicated on your website.

Many JavaScript libraries are available but jQuery is the most flexible. Many large companies such as Google, Microsoft and Netflix use jQuery on the web.

jQuery Course Description:

jQuery is one of the technologies which is covered under Web Development Course at CodeShip Pune with 1 Project so that student get hand on work exposure to jQuery. Within one week one can learn jQuery if required concept such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript are clear.

jQuery Training and Course Syllabus:

  • Lecture: 01
    Basics of JavaScript
  • Lecture: 02
    What is jQuery & jQuery Syntax
  • Lecture: 03
    Basics: Objects, Arrays, Functions, Scope, Built-in functions
  • Lecture: 04
  • Lecture: 05
    Types of selectors [name, id, class, types, etc.]
  • Lecture: 01
  • Lecture: 02
    HTML Manipulation
  • Lecture: 03
    Adding new elements, replacing elements and content, removing elements and content, manipulating the elements attribute and properties
  • Lecture: 04
    Modifying the CSS properties, managing CSS classes, Changing content of element
  • Lecture: 05
    Animations, Effects, Events, Form Events, Ajax
  • Lecture: 01
    widgets: Accordion, Buttons, Menu, Sliders, Progress Bar, Tabs, Datepicker, dialog
  • Lecture: 02
    Effects: Add Class, Color Animation, Animation, Switch class
  • Lecture: 03
    Interaction: Draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable, sortable elements
  • Lecture: 04
    Utilities: Element Position, Custom Widgets
Course Features
  • Practical Oriented
  • Placement Support
  • Notes and Study Material is available
  • Soft Skills Training

Additional Information

  • Duration:3 Months
  • Certification:Yes
  • Projects:5 Mini 1 Major
  • Batch Strength:8 to 10 Students per bath
  • Languages:Marathi, Hindi, English