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Automation Testing Course in Pune

Automation Testing Course Training Institutes in Pune | Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter and QTP Course and Training

What is Automation Testing ?

Automation testing is the process of using software tools to execute already scripted tests on software applications, with the goal of reducing manual testing efforts, increasing testing accuracy, and speeding up the overall testing process.

Why Companies Need Automation Testers ?

Companies need automation testers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process, reduce the time-to-market of software applications, improve test coverage, reduce costs, and adopt continuous integration and delivery practices. Automation testers are necessary for efficient regression testing and to ensure that the software application meets the required quality standards. Ultimately, automation testing helps companies to improve their business outcomes, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

Eligibility for Automation Testing Course:

The eligibility for an Automation Testing Course typically includes a basic educational background, basic computer knowledge, and familiarity with programming concepts. Prior experience in software testing or development is beneficial but not always required. Anyone coming from any educational background’s fresher or an experienced with no coding or software background can enroll for this Automation Testing Online and Offline Course.

What is the Salary for an Automation Tester in India ?

The salary for an Automation Tester in India can vary depending on several factors such as experience, location, company size, and industry. However, on average, an Automation Tester in India can expect to earn a salary ranging from INR 3 to 10 lakhs per annum, depending on their level of experience and expertise.

Why Automation Testing Courses have gained popularity among Job Seekers ?
• Increased demand for automation testing professionals.
• Career advancement opportunities.
• Higher job market competitiveness.
• Higher salaries and better job prospects.
• Industry relevance and staying updated with industry trends.
• Efficiency and time savings in software development processes.
• Mastery of automation testing tools and technologies.
• Industry recognition and credibility.
• Enhancing employability and standing out among competitors.
• Meeting the evolving needs of the software industry.
Why choose CodeShip Training Institute for Automation Testing Classes in Pune?

CodeShip Training Institute is the best software training institute for Automation Testing Classes in Pune. Let’s have a look at the reasons why CodeShip is considered to be the Best Software Testing Institute in Pune and why should you choose us.

Expert Trainers for Automation Testing Training:

Choose an institute that has experienced and knowledgeable trainers who have practical experience in Automation Testing. The trainer who is associated with CodeShip has extensive experience in Automation Testing who can teach you from the basics and take you to the advance level.

Comprehensive Automation Testing Syllabus:

When it comes to course content CodeShip don’t make any compromises we have cutting edge selenium automation testing course syllabus. During this program students are trained from the basics to advance concepts of automation testing.

Hands-on Training on live Projects:

During your training we cover multiple mini + major live projects allowing students to gain practical experience and real-time exposure to Automation Testing.

Automation Testing Certification:

CodeShip offers fully certified automation testing training program. Automation Testing certification offers several benefits, including industry recognition, increased opportunities, alignment with industry standards, skill enhancement, improved credibility, and networking opportunities. Certification can help you stand out in a competitive job market, enhance your skills and knowledge, and improve your career opportunities in the software testing industry.

100% Placement Assistance:

CodeShip has special training program for automation testing courses in Pune with placement. We have 90% placement record for per batch. We provide Interview training sessions upon completion of the course where students get trained on Soft Skills and Communication Techniques with 100% placements assistance.

Best Online and Offline Selenium Automation Testing Course Methods:

We provide Online and Offline classes for Automation Testing Course as per student’s convenience. Our first preference for the student is for In Person Training since it has many benefits such as Face to Face Interaction, Real Time Feedback, Structured Learning Environment, Networking Opportunities and Hands-On Learning. However, if someone is coming from the far distance or located in another city, state or country then we have online training services available for them with flexible time schedule.

Affordable Automation Testing Course Fees in Pune:

CodeShip has affordable fees for Automation Testing Course and Training, compare to other training institutes in Pune. It makes CodeShip the best option for anyone who is eager to learn but lacking financially or don’t have higher budget.

Overall, Because of This facts CodeShip training Institute is the Best Automation Testing Institute in Pune. Choosing CodeShip for Automation Software Testing Training Would be the best option for any aspiring Automation Software Tester.

Automation Testing Syllabus:

  • Lecture: 01
  • Lecture: 02
    OOPS Concepts (Class, Method, Object, Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  • Lecture: 03
    Same package and Different package
  • Lecture: 04
    Primitive and Non- Primitive Datatype
  • Lecture: 05
    String & Its methods
  • Lecture: 06
    String types and why String is immutable?
  • Lecture: 07
  • Lecture: 08
    Collection- List, Set, Map
  • Lecture: 09
    User defined- List, Set, Map
  • Lecture: 10
  • Lecture: 11
  • Lecture: 12
    Constructor & Constructor Overloading
  • Lecture: 13
    Constructor Chaining
  • Lecture: 14
    Singleton, Access Specifier & Modifier, File Operation
  • Lecture: 15
    Loops – Normal For loop & Enhanced For loop, Break, Continue, While and Do While
  • Lecture: 16
    Control Statement- if, if else, else if and nested if
  • Lecture: 17
    Logical operators- and, or, not
  • Lecture: 18
    Exception and its handling (Try, catch, Finally & Throw, Throws)
  • Lecture: 19
    Exception Hierarchy
  • Lecture: 20
    User defined exception
  • Lecture: 21
    Collection vs Collections
  • Lecture: 22
    Synchronized & Non- Synchronized
  • Lecture: 23
    Iterator, Enumerator, List Iterator
  • Lecture: 24
    Static keyword & Static block
    Sum of odd and even number
    Check and print prime number(1 to 10)
    Count of odd and even number (1 to 100)
    Factorial number
    Fibonacci series
    Find even and odd number
    Swapping numbers using third variable
    Swapping numbers
    Reverse the number
    Check palindrome number
    Print palindrome number (1 to 100)
    Count palindrome number
    Check Armstrong number
    Print and count Armstrong number (1 to 1000)
    Triangle and Reverse triangle program
    Check prime number
    Count prime number (1 to 100)
    Biggest among numbers
    Find vowels and non-vowels count
    Count the Small, Caps, number and Special character in string
    Count number of Digits
    Palindrome and Reverse String
    Triangle with stars
    Sum of give number
    Count of each character in the string
    String – Remove space between characters
    Write a program to split and then reverse a string.
    String – Remove space between characters
    Write a program to split and then reverse a string.
    Browser launch
    How to launch different browser
    How to launch browser using WebDriver Manager
    Headless Browser
    Explain about WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver ()
    Locators and its types
    WebDriver methods
    WebElement methods
    Debug, Actions Class, Action and Actions, Robot Class, Takes Screenshot
    JavaScript Executor
    Alert, Drop Down, Frame, Wait- Static & Dynamic
    Exception overview in Selenium
    How to automate Auto suggestion text
    Window Handling
    Broken Links , Broken Image, Web Table and Calendar
    Selenium Hierarchy/ Interface Hierarchy
    Selenium Architecture and Selenium Components
    Selenium overview and difference between versions
    Introduction to Best Class
    1. Advantage of Base class and Reusing Existing code
    1. Introduction to Maven
    2. Installation
    3. Built Life Cycle of Maven
    4. Goal, Repositories, and Architecture
    1.GIT & GITHUB
    2.GIT Commands
    3.Push the code to Repository
    4.Pull the code from Repository
    5.Merge code with Master branch
    6.GIT merge conflict
    1. Plain Old Java Object Class and Page Factory Class
    2. Code Optimization
    3. Annotations in POM
    4. Benefits of POM Concept
    5. Usage of Constructor in POM
    1. Introduction to JUnit
    2. Annotation used in Junit
    3. How to ignore particular Testcase
    4. Assertion
    5. Suite level execution
    1.Jenkins pipeline
    2. Scheduling a job in Jenkins
Course Fees

₹ 15000

Course Features
  • Practical Oriented
  • Placement Support
  • Notes and Study Material is available
  • Soft Skills Training

Additional Information

  • Duration:3 Months
  • Certification:Yes
  • Projects:5 Mini 1 Major
  • Batch Strength:8 to 10 Students per bath
  • Languages:Marathi, Hindi, English