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Interview Questions of the UI/UX Designer

List Of Interview Questions of the UI/UX Designer

Why UI/UX interview questions are important?

The interview questions and answers of User experience are just a way to measure a candidate’s qualifications; the interviewers are nothing but the window into your corporation. Just think why the questions you may get asked. They illuminate how much you understand your own needs and you’re potential. You will definitely get the answer during the interview; of course, you will get to know their skills, work methods, thought processes, and much more.

Of course, you’re hiring the candidate so the ball is directly in your court to get the in-depth required information about the candidates, but not asking the factual questions during the interview will determine how incapable you are of the interviewer post as you have already claimed at a pro level.

One of the biggest challenges in selecting the right UX designer is asking accurate questions.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for a company, mostly start-ups or smaller companies, to appoint one person for both UI and UX designer role.

Hence, here we have put together a list of 10 questions to ask for UX and UI interviews.

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User Experience Design is the practice of understanding the user requirements of people and converting these into effective digital solutions. It includes research, analysis, prototyping, ideation, testing, implementation, evaluation, and improvement.

User Interface Design is the skill where the designer makes things visually better.
A well-designed interface allows the user to accomplish tasks easily.
Good design never makes the user frustrated.
Users should be able to find out just by looking at whether something works or not.

Communication Skills
• Effective communication skill with clients & team members
• Exceptional written communication skills
• Careful Listening with Appropriate Response
• Concept clarification in simple terms instead of complex explanations
• Better Understanding of users and their problems.

Problem-Solving Skills
• Quick Problem-solving ability with logical Reasons
• Situations analysis and decision-making capacity
• Capability to collect & blend information from multiple sources
• Critical thinking to evaluate options and choices
• Pattern & Trends recognition ability

Technical Skills
• Software development knowledge & languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Web browsers and Operating Systems familiarity
• Website Design Experience
• Mobile Apps Design Experience
• Creative Thinking Skills
• Experimentation of new things
• Convert Mistakes into experiences.

Some of the following factors play an important role in designing an effective user experience:
Usability – It is essential to keep the interface simple, spontaneous, and easy to redirect.
Accessibility – provide easily accessible information for visitors.
Consistency – Consistency for each and every part of the system

    UX Designer
    • In UX Designs, user flows & wireframes are created
    • Have to work with stakeholders to determine project purpose
    • Conduct Data analysis and interviews for the user needs identifications.
    • In UX Designs, the designer develops personas and scenarios
    • UX Designing users must use analytics tools to measure success
    • UX Designer evaluates existing systems and technologies
    UI Designer
    • In UX Designing layouts and mock-ups needs to be created
    • Develops style guides
    • Designs icons and graphics
    • Coding skills essential
    • UI designers must be aware of software development languages like HTML, CSS, HTML, etc.

    When the employer looks for a candidate for the UI/UX designer post, the candidate may get selected who is culturally fit and has his work habits. This allows the employer to find the right candidate to fill the position that likely will fit in with the culture and match up with the organizational standards. Let’s consider you are explaining the design process with the provided benefits by you.

    You can start with "I always make a time schedule for visitor research and then develop the information structural design. These processes allow me to create the best user interface and interface designs, both of which are important for making web apps as well as digital content pleasant and functional for customers to navigate.

    Further strategies and implementations, that are efficient for the customers and with their business's goals, I assess and change any design aspects that help me to improve the user goals. After Testing and adjusting the designs throughout the UX process, I can adapt the experience to create a satisfied, useful, and best user experience.

    Visual hierarchy is the states in which different objects appear on a page. This order defines the importance level of each object. For instance, if one image is visible on top of another image, it will be seen earlier than the second image. If an image is visible below another image, it will appear next to the second image.

You can improve your user experience by listening to the customer’s opinions about your product. You can ask the customers directly over surveys or focus groups. Or you can conduct data analysis from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin etc.

There are two main types of user interfaces: Textual and graphical. Textual interfaces usually include menu-driven interfaces, command line interfaces, and dialog boxes. Graphical interfaces include Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS X, etc.

The best user experience is based on the device type used by the end user. As each device have its own unique features, the same application essentials to be designed in your own way for each device.


We have listed top 10 Questions and answers which will helpful for both the interviewer and the candidate relevant to UI and UX Designing. To become a certified UX/UI designer join Codeship Technologies for the UI/UX Design Course We provide UI/UX Design, Web design, Angular JS, Mobile App development, Software testing courses. It’s a tough job for both the interviewer and the candidates to prepare a question and answers for UI/UX job roles respectively. For the Interviewer, to ask the right questions while hiring and for the candidates, to provides ideal answers during the interview process.

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