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Top 10 Job Oriented IT Courses after Graduation in 2023

Top IT Courses after Graduation in 2023

If you are wondering what course you can take after graduating from any stream. Therefore, you are in the right place. All of these courses strongly encourage you to develop a career in corporate or the private sector.

Your professional degree gives you authority and enhances your success-related talents. If you're unsure of what to do after graduation, scroll down to learn about the top ten professional courses you may enroll in.

Top Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

We have created a list of top 10 best job-oriented courses after graduation you can consider:

1. Full-Stack Development Course

Full-Stack Developers are in high demand, especially in organisations that are primarily focused on IT. Full-stack developers are IT experts who work on both the front end and back end of an application.

Students learn how to design back-end APIs, engage with system architecture, optimise front-end code using languages like HTML, Java, and JavaScript, and comprehend networking and security foundations, and much more in a Full-Stack Development course.

The cost of this programme ranges from INR 30, 000 to INR 1,50, 000. The course length is roughly 6 - 12 months. Graduates of this programme can anticipate obtaining high-paying positions in the IT industry, with annual salaries averaging between INR 6 and 8 lakhs.

2. Digital Marketing Certification Course

In today's world, digital marketing is an essential part of marketing, and businesses are always looking for competent people to help them with their online marketing projects. A digital marketing certification course may include a variety of subjects, such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, web analytics, and others.

Students also gain knowledge of the most recent digital marketing tools and technology, which are essential for developing successful marketing campaigns. Graduates of digital marketing programmes have the skills to produce engaging content, engage target audiences, and improve the online visibility of companies and organizations. For students who have finished digital marketing courses, continuing a career in this field becomes a viable option due to the industry's increasing need for qualified employees.

While the PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication takes about 6 to 5 months to complete, the average course length for the Digital Marketing Certification Programme is 5 months. These courses cost between 50,000 and 75,000 Indian rupees.

3. Web Development Course

The course, which focuses on teaching web development fundamentals to novices, includes lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. You can learn about web design, web programming, and web content management systems in a web development course, among other things. Certified Web Developer, Certified Front End Web Developer, and Certified Full Stack Web Developer are a few of the more well-known web development credentials.

Popular web programming frameworks like Bootstrap and Angular JS are covered in Codeship Technologies' web development course. In addition to learning how to incorporate web services and third-party APIs into their projects, students will also learn how to design responsive and interactive web pages.

Students will have a firm grasp of web development at the conclusion of the course and be able to produce websites that are of a professional calibre. Students who pass the course receive assistance from Codeship Technologies with job placement, which helps them land their ideal positions in the web development sector.

4. Python Course:

Python is one of the simplest programming languages to learn, and many businesses use it. Not just in the IT industry, but also in industries like mechanical, civil, medical, financial, etc. Contrary to complete coding used in the IT sector, initiatives in these areas only occasionally incorporate coding.

Data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, web development, and database management are just a few of the many subjects covered in the course. Additionally, students will study well-known Python frameworks like Django and Flask.

The Python course at Codeship Technologies is taught by seasoned professionals with years of industry experience. We give each student individual attention and assist them in overcoming any difficulties they may have while learning Python.

By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of Python programming and will be able to apply their knowledge to real-world projects. Students who successfully finish the course will also receive job placement support from Codeship Technologies.

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5. Big Data and Hadoop Courses

Big Data is a modern technique for storing, analysing, and using the vast amounts of data that multinational corporations utilise to formulate their policies and goals. These massive data inputs aid in the development of plans that take global target markets into account. The ability to deploy, use, and benefit from Big Data Hadoop is one of the most important skills in the IT business, and it is recognised by the Big Data Hadoop Certification. The Big Data Hadoop Certification courses combine training in Hadoop testing, Hadoop administration, Hadoop development, and Apache Spark analytics.

6. Machine Learning & AI Courses

Artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly developing and exciting areas of computer science today. Artificial intelligence courses will provide you with the skills and information you need to keep on top of this continuously developing subject. You'll study the most recent artificial intelligence research, algorithms, and applications, as well as acquire hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and approaches.

These technologies are used in a variety of applications, including image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and autonomous vehicles. Machine Learning & AI are rapidly growing fields with many job opportunities available for individuals with a background in computer science, mathematics, or statistics.

7. Data Science and Analytics Courses

In recent years, the most in-demand job profiles have been in data science and analytics. Given the increasing growth of the big data industry, businesses want specialists that can analyse and grasp enormous data sets in order to gain meaningful insights. Some of the topics addressed in data science and analytics courses include data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and data visualisation.

Data Science is the collection, processing, and analysis of massive amounts of data using diverse techniques and tools with the purpose of uncovering patterns and making informed decisions. Data Scientists work in a range of areas, including healthcare, finance, and technology, to solve complicated issues and make predictions. Data Science is a fast expanding subject with several job opportunities for those with a background in computer science, mathematics, or statistics.

8. Networking Hardware and Security Courses

Networking Hardware and Security courses teach individuals how to design, install, and maintain secure computer networks. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including network architecture, routing protocols, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Completing a Networking Hardware and Security course can lead to a variety of career opportunities, including network administrator, security analyst, and network engineer.

9. Selenium Automation Testing course

One of the easiest courses to gain a job in the IT industry is the one that is software testing. With frameworks like Jenkins, Cucumber, Maven, Test NG, and others, Codeship Technologies offers a course that covers everything from the fundamentals of manual testing to comprehensive automation testing.

Discover your full potential as an automation tester by enrolling in our Pune Selenium Automation Testing Course. Improve your Selenium automation abilities while gaining practical experience and knowledge of industry best practises. Enrol today to jumpstart your software testing career.

The course was created to assist you in becoming a successful Selenium automation tester. The training is comprehensive and simple to understand. It covers all of the important principles and abilities required to automate testing in various software testing environments.

10.Salesforce Training

Salesforce is the world's top CRM platform and enterprise cloud ecosystem, assisting businesses in streamlining sales, service, promotion, and other duties.

The cloud is now widely acknowledged as a worldwide economic engine that powers new ideas, business models, and industries. Cloud computing creates jobs by stimulating more IT innovation, which supports company innovation and higher revenues in local markets.Salesforce cloud technology enables customers to build cloud-hosted apps and services from any location. In a secure manner, the data is automatically saved, updated, and expanded.

Salesforce data centre apps stay secure and trustworthy because they provide a variety of benefits to consumers, such as data interoperability, flexibility, and dependability.It recommends the best implementations for organisations or enterprises based on their specific needs. To mention a few tasks, a Salesforce executive may assist with contact monitoring, marketing collaboration, performance assessment, procedure and permissions, corporate reporting and dashboards.


Taking professional courses after graduation might give you with the specialised knowledge and skills required to flourish in your chosen sector. These courses provide hands-on training and career-focused knowledge, providing you an advantage in today's increasingly competitive job market. Those stated above are among the most popular and career-oriented professional courses available to recent graduates.

The courses described in this article are only a handful of the many job-related courses accessible. It is critical to conduct research on the job market and industry developments in order to choose which courses will be most advantageous to your professional aspirations.

After graduation in 2023, Codeship Technologies offers top job-oriented IT courses in pune by including Website development course in pune , Mobile Application Development ,Software Testing , Angular JS , UI/UX Design Course in pune designed to prepare graduates with the skills needed to excel in the highly competitive IT market.

You can gain specialized knowledge, boost your skill set, increase your work options, and earn greater pay by enrolling in these courses. So, take the first step towards a great career by enrolling in a job-related course today to get your career started.